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Many Core processors: Everything You Know (about Parallel Programming) Is Wrong! 17/01/2012:12:36:07

"if we are to successfully program manycore systems, is our cherished assumption that we write programs that always get the exactly right answers."

Another benefit to Data-Oriented design is that it's well prepared for inaccuracy.

Network programming is always harder when you try to lock down the network state in objects, and always simpler if you just keep all you know about what has happened in simple buckets of information. This tolerance for data that may lack accuracy lends itself well to working towards a future where information may be wrong, lacking, or late. Traditionally, serial programs or object oriented programs had very little they could do about missing dependencies or unverifiable data, however, a data-oriented approach allows you to take this into account. It's very plausible to add catch up or assumptions steps if you centre your coding around the ideas of concurrency and data flowing through transforms.

also : Watch the video, I love the comparison between good concurrency design and Romeo and Juliet.