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A Data-Oriented Hash table 12/01/2015:19:40:10

I was skeptical at first, but the author appears to have tested his efforts with real hardware, which of course is a core tenet of DOD. Also this is not a post about a new invention, but a set of results from tests where the author replaces a hash table with alternatives. It's interesting to look at the different timings, but remember to test your code and not just follow blindly, as you may have overhead somewhere else that makes the slowest in these tests, suddenly the fastest.


Unit tests, and why they don't work. 30/08/2014:10:55:40

Chose a paradigm that allows for the simplest, least complex, most provably correct code.

Optimising by fitness function 07/08/2014:09:59:32

Here's another example of premature optimisation:

Swap data for energy, and the demand oriented approach to fulfilment changes the function used to determine fitness. With energy, the demand over time was well known, but ignored by thousands of people installing expensive hardware.

Solar panels facing the wrong way

What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL 05/08/2014:10:49:08

What ORMs have taught me

The Mature Optimization Handbook 21/11/2013:09:57:40

A lovely book on optimisation by Carlos Bueno (from facebook's performance team).

Find the book available for free download here