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Data-Oriented Design book - online beta

Data-Oriented Design book (first edition) - PDF download
This is a free resource. Feel free to read, copy, download, upload, print, burn to CD, hand to someone on a pen drive, but do not claim the work is your own, or charge anyone for the right to read the material.


Data-Oriented design book 23/06/2013:20:32:14

Update: the book is now in live public beta. Check the right bar now for the link .
Time to see if there is an audience for the book.
If Richard Fabian gets more than 100 people commenting on his post then he has promised to upload and publish his work in progress book on Data-Oriented design to this very website.
If this happens, we will be replacing the signup link with the link to the full book which will be updated as it progresses towards a printable version.