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Lots of good resources linked from this site by Daniele Bartolini: Data Oriented Design Resources

Data-Oriented Design book (2018 version)- html with links

Data-Oriented Design book (2018 version) - PDF download (better images)

Data-Oriented Design book - 2018 paperback version (with extra chapters)


Data-oriented design - paperback release 03/10/2018:20:02:00

The paperback book is available now via Amazon here, or here if you're in the UK.

As promised, the online resource has also been updated. It is in a new folder here so that links to the old resource still work.

Unfortunately, but due to the scope of the changes in the official first edition, the layout of the chapters has changed. If you have linked to content and want to update your links to point to the new online book, a simple update of the name in your links will not suffice. You will need to hunt down the content you wish to link to in the new document.