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Data-oriented design - new book plans 19/08/2018:22:52:03

The content in the new Data-oriented design book has seen big changes, and though it's important to keep information free, the running the site does cost something, so I plan on making it a full price book to bring in the funds to keep the site running.

Currently, the plan is to upload the new version of the site based book, and release the paperback for sale at the same time. The online version isn't quite as pretty as the hardcopy, as the Latex to HTML I use doesn't work perfectly, but at least this way, students, and those less well off, can get the same content albeit in a less beautiful form.

I've tried to get Latex to convert to epub, but I must have some configuration files wrong, as conversions always fail. So right now, the plan is that if I get enough sales of the paperback, I will consider hiring someone to make the kindle version available.