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Data-Oriented Design book (2018 version) - PDF download (better images)

Data-Oriented Design book - 2018 paperback version (with extra chapters)


Data-oriented design - new book release soon. 15/07/2018:17:16:03

It's been a long time coming, but the book that was put up for free as you can see here, finally has a successor. A first true edition that attempts to fix many of the issues with the previous version, and also fix the problem of not being generally available.

Data-oriented design, the book, was first started in 2010, as a collection of e-mails and blog posts. It was worked on part time its whole life. Finally, the writer has had the time and space to work on the updated version long enough that it's now ready for review prior to final release.

If you wish to be one of the reviewers of the new version, please send an-email to to register your interest. Signups are over for now.

Proof PDF copies are likely to be available from the 20th of July. Final relase, physical book and epub or kindle versions are likely to be available nearer November.