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Lots of good resources linked from this site by Daniele Bartolini: Data Oriented Design Resources

Data-Oriented Design book (2018 version)- html with links

Data-Oriented Design book (2018 version) - PDF download (better images)

Data-Oriented Design book - 2018 paperback version (with extra chapters)


Data-Oriented design parallel project 13/11/2013:08:44:59

As reference material for the book, a github project has been started to show the development of a game in both the Object-Oriented and Data-Oriented approaches.

Expect slow updates right now as it only has one developer and they are in full time employment at a startup so spare time is scarce. However, if you wish to follow along, the project is hosted here on github for all to see.

In addition to the parallel game development, submissions from other developers would be appreciated, specifically any demo code that provides ways to build timings for the performance oriented points of the book. For example, any code that could be used to directly show the impact of bad pipelining, bad cache alignment, or even the effects of write combining. The only rule will be that it has to be simple, and able to run on many platforms. Single platform statistics aren't much use unless they are targetting current trending hardware like ARM based CPUs.